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Valerie Bledsoe

Valerie BledsoeValerie Bledsoe, Master Herbalist, CNHP, Certified Aromatherapist, Quantum Touch Instructor & Practitioner:  Valerie has been in the alternative health field for 37 years. Together, she and Troy have raised 6 children and now have 7 grandchildren. She has owned and operated Heartland Herb Shop in Kingman, KS for 18+ years now. She specializes in infertility, pregnancy & children, adrenal fatigue, stress, individualizing programs and one of her favorites—when the medical profession cannot figure out what is going on!  She loves to teach and has been told she has a unique ability to simplify difficult ideas into layman’s terms so that they are more easily understood.

Troy Bledsoe

Troy BledsoeTroy is a veteran of the US Army who retired after serving 19 years in Military Intelligence. His search for “just the right job” has seen him in a wide variety of fields, before and after his military career.  As a work-aholic, he has had as many as 6 businesses operating successfully at one time. He began to slow down at the age of 52 when he finally realized what he wanted to be when he grew up–a Solle Naturals Specialist and Mentor. Because of the results he personally experienced and the Solle family atmosphere, he has ended several of his businesses. Due to some of those experiences, he has earned the nick-name of “the most interesting man in Solle” from the CEO of Solle, Greg Halliday. His ability to help people understand and simplify business principals allows him to focus almost entirely on helping people improve both their physical as well as their financial health.